Another Week In Year 5

Welcome back,

Can you believe that we have just one week before the half term break? Another week has flown by.

This week in writing lessons, year 5 wrote free verse poems about nature and the world around us. We explored figurative language and made an exceptional effort to include alliteration, similes, personification and metaphors in our poetry.


In maths, we are learning about statistics. We learned how to read and interpret line graphs. We even had a go at drawing our own, and using our graphs to better understand the data. We look forward to next week’s statistics lessons: reading and interpreting data tables.


Part of understanding our world around us is learning about different people’s beliefs. In religious studies we are exploring the 6 world religions. Over the past two weeks, we looked at Islamic faith and Sikhism. We know that the Islamic faith is based on 5 important pillars of faith, and that Sikh means ‘to learn’.

On that note, we can’t wait to share with you what we learn next week. We’ll be celebrating Black History Month, so circle back to see what amazing outcomes we produce then.

Until next time!

What have year 5 been up to?

Welcome back!

Year 5 have been super busy.

In writing lessons, we read ‘The Journey Home,’ which is a beloved classic by Frann Preston-Gannon. This week, we wrote our own versions of the story. Our focus has been to develop our vocabulary and write expanded noun phrases to make our descriptions more interesting.


In maths, we have been learning how to order, compare and round numbers to the nearest degree of accuracy. We’ve even learned how to read and write Roman numerals.


Learning how we develop and change is extremely important for understanding how to take care of ourselves, as we transition from childhood to adolescence. This has been our focus in Science this week.

Considering ways to take care of our planet has been a major topic of discussion in our PSHE sessions too. We have created posters and ‘up-cycled’ plastic bottles into containers, which can be used to store household objects e.g. pencils and accessories.


We are ready for the weekend, and looking forward to what awesome learning we will take part in next week.

See you in the next post!

Year 5 Team

Week Beginning 06.07.20 ‘Summer In The City’

Hello Year 4,

How are you all? Hope you are all doing great.

This week, we are continuing on our Summer In The City learning.

In writing, we will explore different cities and write a leaflet to persuade and inform. In maths, our focus will be on geometry; and in reading, we will continue to focus on the skills of retrieval and inference.

Click on the links below to find your learning and resources.

Don’t forget to share your learning and all you’ve been doing on the class blogs.

Kind Regards

The Year 4 Team

Y4 Home Learning w.c. 06.07.20


Year Four Geography Capital Cities Sheet

Year Four UK Cities

A to Z list of cities from around the world.

Hello Year 4,

Hope you are enjoying your Summer in the City learning. Here’s a chance for you to expand your knowledge of cities all around the world. Can you create an A to Z list of cities that you can find around the world?

Remember not to use the names of countries for example: America, Britain or Zimbabwe.

You could start with:


A: Amsterdam

B: Birmingham

C: Cádiz

D: …


Which city name would you list next? Have fun and share which cities you find in the comments.


Wk 22/06/2020 – Fabulous fantastic food

Hi everyone ,

It’s been a while, hope you are all well. I’ve been doing some homework, for example, Maths, English, Science, and Creative Art and I’ve learned to play Happy Birthday on the piano.

This week the challenges were to create your own food menu for the place that I use to have treats before lockdown. My mom would take me to Karspers as a treat.  So here is my menu for Kaspers  Nicholas’s Kaspers Menu

I also did the reading on the Barkey, and here are my answers. Week 22.6.20 – Inference The Bakery

I hope you like it.








































Summer in the City Home Learning Week Beginning 29.6.20

Dear Year 4,

Hope you have all had a very restful weekend and ready for our new topic.

This week and next, our theme will be Summer in the City. We will explore different aspects of city life  using poetry and information leaflets.

We will also be using a map to locate capital cities around the world.

In maths, we will continue to look at money and statistics.

Click on the links below for your learning packs.

We look forward to reading and sharing your learning  on the class blogs.


The Year 4 Team

Y4 Home Learning w.c. 29.06.20

Y4 Reading and Writing Resource – Core Text – ‘Last Night I Saw the City Breathing’ Poem

Y4 Reading Lessons 3 and 4 – City Jungle

Y4 Reading and Writing Resource – Core Text – ‘Last Night I Saw the City Breathing’ Poem

Y4 Geography Resource – Blank World Map

National Windrush Day 2020

Dear Year 4,

Today marks 72 years since the ship HMT Empire Windrush landed at Tilbury docks in East London bringing over 1000 people to help rebuild Britain after WW2.

Following this, over half a million people came to the UK to provide much needed skills and and labour. A lot of them worked for the NHS, buses and trains and much more.

This is an excellent opportunity to celebrate our country’s diversity.

Use the link below to research this great day.

Home Learning Week Beginning 22.6.20

Good Morning Year 4,

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend.

This week, we are continuing on our theme of Fabulous fantastic food. Click on the links below to find this week’s learning and the resources you need to complete the reading activities.

Don’t forget to keep those blog posts coming in.

Kind Regards

The Year 4 Team

Y4 Home Learning w.c. 22.06.20

Year Four Reading Lessons 1 and 2

Year Four Reading Lesson 3 Comprehension

Year Four Reading Lesson 4 Emergency brownies

Breaking News!

Dear Year 4,

The Summer Reading Challenge started on Friday 5 June and it’s not too late to join in.

Become a part of The Silly Squad – an adventurous team of animals who love to have a laugh and get stuck into all sorts of funny books – to unlock fun, online games and earn badges for reading.

See the source image

Where do I sign up?

Click the link below to join the competition on the Reading Agency website.



What is the Summer Reading Challenge?

Each year 700,000 children aged between 4 – 11 compete to read as many books as possible over the summer, all while building their reading skills and confidence.

This year, the Summer Reading Challenge’s Silly Squad will celebrate funny books, happiness and laughter.


Everything’s closed. Where can I find books to read this summer?

There are masses of online content, eBooks and audiobooks on the Reading Agency website.

Also visit your local library website to find out how you can access eBooks, audiobooks, comics and magazines for free that you can use to complete the challenge at home.

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